Geoff King Motors SPRING Twilight Racing will commence on Thursday 6 October 2016 until 22 December 2016

To see racing results click onto the race dates below.



Race scheduled for 14 Oct 16 – cancelled due to strong wind warning.


race-3-27-oct-2016           series-score-race-3

race-4-3-nov-2016           series-score-race-4

Race scheduled for 10 Nov 2016 was abandoned due to light airs.

race-5-17-nov-2016          series-score-race-5

race-6-24-nov-2016         series-score-race-6

race-7-1-dec-2016            series-score-race-7

race-8-8-dec-2016           series-score-race-8

race-9-15-dec-2016        series-score-race-9